What We Do

Arts For Life puts creativity, discovery, and joy into the hands and hearts of children who need it the very most.

Every day across North Carolina, our team of staff members, volunteers, interns, and teaching fellows brightens the lives and healthcare experiences of children and families facing serious illnesses and disabilities. By bringing visual art, music, and creative writing education into hospitals and clinics, we help these children and teens remember that they’re not just patients: they’re artists, musicians, and poets, with a world of possibility at their fingertips.

While our art and music lessons may not change a diagnosis, they do have the power to transform the healthcare experience for thousands of patients and families. We’ve partnered with children’s hospitals, clinics, and community organizations to run successful, permanent art stations, bedside studios, and art groups for pediatric patients of all ages.

“My son passed away… I have memories of a happy little boy whose life was forever changed by Arts For Life, a shy little guy whose personality shone bright though each art piece he worked so proudly worked on. With something as simple as glue, paper, and paint, Arts For Life changes lives forever. Words cannot express how deeply honored and blessed we are that Arts For Life was a part of our lives.”

—Sheila S., mother of Garrett, pediatric oncology patient