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September is Creatures + Wearables Month!

September 24, 2015 | By Rachel Zink

Kids at Arts For Life tables across the state have had to make room for some colorful characters this September—everything from bugs (friendly ones, mostly), to dancing robots (you wouldn’t believe how they can move!), to symmetrical name aliens (each one unique to its creator). That’s because it’s Creatures + Wearables Month!

In the Olson Huff Center at Mission Children’s Hospital and in the 7th floor clinic at Brenner Children’s Hospital, patients and families have been as busy as, well, bees creating these flying Bug Finger Puppets; CLICK to learn how to make at home.

At bustling art tables like the ones in these clinics, where Arts For Life teachers see upwards of 30 children a day, offering a dynamic project that can be completed in a short amount of time (or expanded to last longer) is important. Our  lessons, which we use at these high-traffic tables, are designed specifically to do just that.

Liam, Austin, and JordanWhat’s more, the lessons are also designed to adjust to the skills and abilities of each individual student, while still resulting in a beautifully unique piece of art. From the looks of the smiles on the faces of Liam and his siblings, pictured here with their finger puppets, the bug lesson hit the mark!

So, creatures you get, but what is a “wearable,” you ask? It’s sort of a made-up word we use to describe an art genre that results in a piece you can wear. A wearable can be anything from a mask, to a pair of 3D glasses, to a fetching piece of jewelry like a Book Page Flower Pin. Find out how to make this bookish brooch HERE!