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M E E T: Debbie

February 20, 2018 | By Annie Rogers

DebbieVolunteer_MeetPhoto_DUR (1)-ANIMATIONDebbie,
Teaching Volunteer
with Arts For Life at Duke Children’s Hospital

How do you get creative?

I’ve always allowed myself a creative space in my home – filled with wonderful books on creativity and CLOSETS full of fun art materials.
I believe that creativity is something that we all have – it’s easier for some of us – but it’s always there. We really need to acknowledge all of the different ways we are all creative.

What is your favorite art material to use?

Paper and recyclables. I’m always inspired by found objects and figuring out a way to make something out of nothing. “What if?” is my big question.

Who inspires you?

There are so many – the people I meet here at the hospital inspire me. Any time I am teaching, I always end up learning.
Also, Sheila Hicks – she’s a weaver in her 80s who has done incredible work her entire life and continues to create amazing things.

Has anything really funny or amazing ever happened to you at the art table?

Every time I’m at the art table, something amazing happens.
The other day we had a little girl here with her parents, who were obviously worried and stressed. Her mom started helping her daughter with the project at the art table, and I could just feel her stress melting away. By the time the family left, they were so happy – even asking how they could be a part of the Arts For Life program.

This month’s theme is LOVE, largely inspired by Valentine’s Day. What’s your favorite Valentine Memory?

Valentines are my absolutely favorite thing to make and always have been!One year I took my grandson to downtown Chapel Hill to give out valentine candy to people who were homeless – we walked up and down the streets handing out candy. People showed such appreciation. It was a wonderful lesson to SHARE THE LOVE because it comes back to you.