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Lesson: Pastel Resist Bugs

April 27, 2016 | By Rachel Zink

This project combines multiple different mediums, along with everyday materials – which makes it both interesting and approachable!

Skill Level: Age 5+

Time Frame: 45mins

Project adapted from:


  • To explore and use multiple mediums to learn basic art techniques and skills
  • To use everyday materials in new and exciting ways


  • Brown paper bags
  • Oil pastels (non water soluble)
  • Black sharpie marker
  • Tempera Cake paint (or watercolor paint)
  • Bug reference books or pictures (optional)
  • Colored paper
  • Glue stick


  1. On the long side of your paper bag, use a pencil to draw a bug. You can use books or pictures for a reference, or have fun creating your own!
  2. Instead of using simple lines, use different shapes (triangles, squares, rectangles) to help you draw legs, antenna’s and other parts of the bug’s body.
  3. Outline your entire drawing with your black sharpie.
  4. Color in your bug with oil pastels. Make sure to leave some brown around (and even some inside) the bug.
  5. Wet your tempera cakes (you can use watercolors, too) and paint over your entire bug.
  6. Because the oil pastels will resist the paint in most places, you are left with added depth and texture to your bug.
  7. Cut out your bug (leaving a little extra around the edges) and glue it onto a colored piece of paper!

Tweak it!

If you have younger kids who are struggling to draw a bug on their own, turn it into a game! You can each take turn adding eyes, legs, and different body parts to your crazy bug-creature!


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