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Hosting a Table at Rise & Shine Durham

July 5, 2018 | By Rachel Zink

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All About Table Hosting!

Thank you for considering hosting a table at our Rise & Shine breakfast on Sunday, September 29. It’s a powerful, fun, and easy way for you to help bring the healing power of the arts to children who need it most: kids and teens in treatment in children’s hospitals and clinics.

Our breakfast is a simple, mission-focused event, consisting of speakers who know Arts For Life best – including an Arts For Life family – and a slideshow video. While there is no charge to attend the event (and no cost to host a table), there will be a request for support at the end of the breakfast.

How to Host a Table at Rise and Shine

  1. Register online confirming your attendance and participation as a TABLE HOST.
  2. Identify friends, family, and colleagues to fill a table of 8 (you + 7 others) who are interested in learning more and supporting Arts For Life. You may also recruit a friend to “co-host” a table of 8 together.
    • If you would like to host more then one table, that is wonderful! Just let us know.
    • If you fill more than 1 but less than 2 tables, we will seat additional guests at your tables to make them add up to 10 people each. Before the event, we’ll be in touch with you to see how you’d like your guests split up between the 2 tables.
  1. Share the event page + registration link with your guests so they can confirm their attendance by registering online. (See sample email script at the bottom of this page; feel free to copy, paste, and customize.) If you have guests who you know are planning to attend but you’d prefer to RSVP online for them, you can do that using the same RSVP link that you used – all you’ll need is your guests’ name and contact information. They will receive an automated email from us, confirming their attendance. Please let us know if you’d like a stack of PRINTED invitations to mail: how many and where to mail them!
  1. Join us for brunch! on Sunday, September 29 at 1:00PM. From 1:00-1:45PM, you can welcome and mingle with your guests, serve your brunch, and find your seat. The program will start at 1:45PM and end by 2:30PM at which point guests are free to leave or linger and catch up with you for a few more minutes.
  1. Thank your guests after the event for attending! We have Arts For Life-artist-designed thank you cards available for you in printed form or electronically.

Who should I invite?

Friends, family, neighbors, business associates, and community leaders who may not know much about Arts For Life, but who share our passion for helping the young patients and families of our community and have the means to make a gift to support them.

Can I ONLY invite someone who’s new to Arts For Life?

No, the breakfast can also be an ideal place for those who have been casually acquainted with Arts For Life or supported us in the past to get more deeply connected with and actively engaged in our work.

Curious to know who has RSVPed to sit at your table?

You can check the most current confirmed guest list here. This guest list is updated in real-time as people register, so you can see who has RSVPed to sit at your table! Handy for knowing who to follow up with.


Contact Lari Hatley, Development Director.

That’s all there is to it! We’re honored to have you join our host team and serve in this special way. Thank you!!

Sample Invitation Email for Rise & Shine

Dear (friend),

I’m writing to invite you to be my guest for a really special event on Sunday, September 29. It’s the annual Rise & Shine brunch benefit for Arts For Life.

You’ve probably heard me talk about Arts For Life before! If not, Arts For Life is a nonprofit dedicated to helping pediatric and families in our community, through the healing power of the arts. [FILL IN THE BLANK: Arts For Life’s mission is dear to my heart because… / I first learned about Arts For Life when… / I’m involved with Arts For Life because…].

If you’re curious to learn more about Arts For Life, I encourage you to check out their website! Arts For Life is about helping kids learn, create, and heal while they’re in treatment at Duke Children’s Hospital & Health Center and three other children’s hospitals across the state.

The Rise & Shine Benefit is Arts For Life’s signature annual fundraising event, and I’m delighted to serve as a table host this year. Will you come to the breakfast with me as my guest, to learn more about and support Arts For Life’s budding young artists and families?

You can click here to save your seat today: There is no cost to attend the event but there will be an request made during the program, to invite guests to support these inspiring young artists and their families.

Thank you for considering supporting Arts For Life and me in this special way!

(your name)