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Hosting a Table at Rise & Shine Charlotte

July 1, 2022 | By Snee Howard

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All About Table Hosting

Thank you for considering hosting a table at our Rise & Shine breakfast on Thursday, October 20th in Charlotte. It’s a powerful, fun, and easy way for you to help bring the healing power of the arts to children and families in the hospital in our community. Our breakfast is a simple, mission-focused event, where people who know Arts For Life best – like families and medical providers – share their experience with our program.

All Arts For Life supporters are invited to be a table host. All you need is a few friends, family, or colleagues you would like to connect with Arts For Life at Rise and Shine, and YOU can be a table host. While the event is free to attend (and there is no cost to host a table!), we will ask attendees to consider making a gift to support Arts For Life at the end of the breakfast.

How to Host a Table at Rise and Shine

  1. Register online confirming your attendance and participation as a TABLE HOST.
  2. Invite friends, family, and colleagues to fill a table of 10 people who are interested in learning more about and supporting Arts For Life. You may also recruit a friend to co-host a table together.
  3. Share the event page + registration link with your guests so they can RSVP by registering online. Check out our toolkit for printable invitations, social media images, and more.
  4. Join us for breakfast! on Thursday, October 20th at 8:30 am. Plan to arrive at 8:15 am that morning, to greet any early-bird guests.
  5. Thank your guests after the event for attending! We will provide a set of thank you cards to hosts on the day of the event. See the Table Host Toolkit for electronic and printable thank you cards.

For FAQ’s and more details, take a look at our Table Host Guide.

It includes everything you need to be a table host and to make a huge impact on a kid’s experience in the hospital!