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Creed’s Story

October 29, 2019 | By Rachel Zink

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When Creed was first asked to come to the art table by an Arts For Life teacher, his mom didn’t think anything of it. Art was just not something that Creed was interested in. So, it took her by surprise when he said, “YES!”

Week after week when he had to visit the hospital for treatment for Duchenne muscular dystrophy, Creed would go to the art table each time, to make art and friends. Arts For Life volunteer Mary would soon learn that Creed LOVED dinosaurs, and would create dinosaur-themed projects just for him.

When Creed started kindergarten, his family had to move his weekly infusion day to Wednesday to accommodate his new school schedule. Because of the travel to the hospital and length of the infusion, it’s an all-day process and Creed has to miss a whole day of school. And Wednesday was art day at school – so Creed was excited that he would still get to do art with Arts For Life at the hospital, since he was missing out on art at school!