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C R E A T E: Model Magic Butterflies

March 23, 2018 | By Annie Rogers

Hooray! Springtime is upon us! And nothing says “SPRING!” more than these bright,colorful, so-very symmetrical butterflies.

Just like real butterflies, no two are ever alike (or wait…is that snowflakes?)

There is so much to love about this lesson, not the least of which is that it calls for one of our favorite materials: Crayola Model Magic.  Light, easy to manipulate, and air-drying, this modeling compound is the perfect stand-in for clay, and it always draws a crowd at the art table.

Ila, age 5, and her butterfly

Model Magic Butterfly Wing Template
white cardstock
craft sticks
Scotch tape
Model Magic (1 oz, or a palm-sized piece)
pipe cleaner antenna


  1. Trace the butterfly wing template onto the white cardstock using a pencil. Or draw your own wings, trying to make them symmetrical (same on both sides). Cut out along the lines.
  2. Decorate your butterfly wings with markers, crayons, or oil pastels. Try to make them symmetrical (have your designs mirror each other) like real butterfly wings!
  3. For the butterfly body, center a craft stick on the wings and secure on the back with tape.


  1. Work with your Model Magic to make it soft. You may use it as is (white) or you may change the color with WASHABLE markers. Flatten the Model Magic on the table and fill the top side with dots of color from the marker. Roll it up like a burrito and squeeze it with your hands to distribute the color. Add more marker dots until desired color is achieved.
  2. Divide the Model Magic into 2 pieces and roll them out like a snake. Press the craft stick onto the Model Magic and lay the other piece on top. Mold the body as desired.
  3. Insert antenna into the top of the head.
  4. Use Sharpie markers to add details to face/body if desired.

Skip the model magic and use the craft stick as the body of the butterfly.

Tweak It!:  Decorate both sides of your butterfly’s wings. Add additional details with sequins, glitter markers, etc.
Use scissors to change the shape of your wings into a dragon or other creature!

Clarika, age 4, and her buttefly