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Arts For Life welcomes new staff member!

July 12, 2023 | By Snee Howard

Sarah Bell
Program Coordinator
Winston-Salem // Brenner Children’s Hospital

Sarah Bell is the program coordinator at Brenner Children’s in Winston-Salem, having relocated to North Carolina with her husband when he began his pediatric residency at the hospital.  She believes strongly in the power of art as a tool for wellbeing. After completing her undergraduate degree in psychology and studio art with a focus in ceramics, Sarah received her Master’s in art therapy in 2022. Spending much of graduate school in a pandemic reinforced the need for art and creativity in all things. Throughout graduate school and in her career, Sarah has had the opportunity to work with people in a variety of settings and circumstances, including children and young people in preschool and high school, adults in inpatient mental health facilities, children and families in community counseling, and adults with developmental disabilities in a day program. Having spent many years in Florida, she is excited to be able to hike in the mountains and experience seasons again. When not doing projects with the kids, Sarah keeps her hands busy with many artforms, including sewing, beading, knitting, and most importantly ceramics.