Our Impact

Arts For Life is the highlight of the clinic experience for our patients. I have seen patients walk into the clinic discouraged and dreading what is ahead. But after working with Arts For Life, their attitude changes, and they are ready to tackle the events of the day. Attitude is so important to these kids who are facing cancer and blood diseases, and I know they do better with treatments because of Arts For Life.”

—Dr. Krystal Bottom, pediatric oncologist at Mission Children’s Hospital

While our art and music lessons may not change a diagnosis, they do have the power to transform the healthcare experience for thousands of patients and families. We’ve partnered with children’s hospitals, clinics, and community organizations to run successful, permanent art stations, bedside studios, and art groups for pediatric patients of all ages.

In a recent survey, parents and patients told us:

  • 100% agreed or mostly agreed that “Arts For Life has helped me (or my child) feel less stress in the clinic or hospital.”
  • 100% agreed or mostly agreed that “Arts For Life has helped me (or my child) cope with the effects of illness or disability.”
  • 100% agreed or mostly agreed that “Arts For Life has made my experience in the hospital/clinic better.”
  • 90% agreed or mostly agreed that “Arts For Life has taught me (or my child) new art, music, or creative writing skills.”

Since 2001, Arts For Life has delivered top-notch art, music, and creative writing lessons to people across North Carolina who are battling cancer and other serious illnesses. Last year, our teaching team taught more than 22,000 lessons to over 6,900 patients, siblings, and family members!

There’s lots more to read about in our Arts For Life 2013 Annual Report, including stories from the art table and interviews with our amazing hospital partners; of course, plenty of inspiring artwork from our students is also included.

“My son passed away in January. I have memories of a happy little boy whose life was forever changed by Arts For Life, a shy little guy whose personality shone bright though each art piece he worked so proudly worked on. With something as simple as glue, paper, and paint, Arts For Life changes lives forever. Words cannot express how deeply honored and blessed we are that Arts For Life was a part of our lives.”

—Sheila S., mother of Garrett, pediatric oncology patient