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The Lessons of Love

July 1, 2019 | By Rachel Zink

Any parent knows parenthood is an adventure. One of our Music Teachers, Marty Edwards, shares how the adventure of fatherhood informs his work with Arts For Life. Of course, Marty would say it’s a calling rather than a job. In his own words:

“When my four year old son gazes up at me, he sees the greatest superhero of all time. No matter how inadequate I may personally feel, he knows that, if anybody’s “got this,” his daddy‘s the guy. His big brown eyes filled with immense pride and unwavering belief in my knowledge and abilities energize me to rise above and move through any self-limiting inner dialogue I might have. In my heart, I cannot let him down.

Music Teacher Marty and his little boy

This isn’t unique to my situation though. Any father that pays attention will recognize this innate heroic view their child has of them; an honor uniquely bestowed by nature upon fathers.

I know some fathers have to do just that. Some fathers have to muster something deep within to look into the eyes of their very sick child and admit they don’t have the answer. The fact often forgotten in that moment is that these fathers are showing up in the admission of their defeat with the greatest courage one could ever imagine. That kind of courage is respected and honored by the bravest of heroes. They kneel before them.

The reality, of course, is I am not invincible and cannot fix every problem. When I think of what it would be like to look into that enamored stare and not have the answer, especially if it has to do with saving his life from an illness beyond my control, I feel helpless, hopeless, broken-hearted, and terrified.

That is why I am inspired, as a father, to give my time and energy to the mission of Arts for Life. My son sees the hero. Many children are in the battle of a lifetime with their heroes by their side. Those fathers need support. It is my honor as a father to help them find and tune into the song that helps them move into and through their situation with their child and families.”