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The 12 Days of Clinic

December 22, 2015 | By Rachel Zink

Enjoy “The 12 Days of Clinic,” a fresh take on a holiday classic, from the dynamic duo, “EmAndMM” (11-year-old Emma and Program Director Mary Margaret).

Mary Margaret says: The idea for writing the 12 Days of Clinic stemmed from Emma humming the popular holiday tune, The 12 Days of Christmas, at the art table a few weeks ago. I suggested that we come up with our own version of the holiday tune, and she said, “Hey, let’s make it about the hospital!” And from there, the song was created. The best part was that nurses, doctors and staff chimed in during the process, to lend an idea, a helping hand, or just to encourage Emma on her musical genius.

This is what the art table’s all about. It’s the place where kids can come to not only explore their own creativity, but to put meaning and purpose into their experiences. To find community. To share smiles, and laughter. To find joy, but also to bring joy to others.

Want to sing along?

On the First Day of Clinic, my nurses gave to me… a man and we call him “Dr. G”
2nd: two nausea meds
3rd: three ID checks
4th: four arm squeezes
5th: five poles that beep!
6th: six hugs and high fives
7th: seven ports to access
8th: eight rolls of Coban
9th: nine shiny markers
10th: ten computers blinking
11th: nurses smiling
12th: twelve bites of chex mix