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Once Upon a Time: Paper, Paint, and the Art of Story

Thursday, April 25 5:00-8:00PM

Annalee_5_Moana_ArtStudio_WS2019 copyCelebrating the artwork of young patients in Arts For Life programs at Brenner Children’s Hospital.

On display at SECCA // Southeastern Center For Contemporary Art
April 25th-May 12th, 2019
Opening Reception: Thursday, April 25, 2019,  5-8 pm

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Books transport us to a magical world where anything is possible and our imaginations soar! The most memorable books make the characters and stories come alive and jump right off the pages. Our young artists of Brenner Children’s Hospital invite you to  jump into a storybook world where the books themselves become 3D sculptures and canvases and their story-inspired artwork spills off the page. We are also eager to share our very first Arts For Life Crankie! This illuminated rolling, story box will tell the magical story of Arts For Life with original artwork and a song written by AFL music teacher Marty Edwards.  You will also explore found poetry artwork and have a chance to get creative yourself with our personalized, interactive story cubes.

Amber Scavo, program coordinator for Arts For Life, says, “Children in the hospital do not have the freedom to make all the choices. The art tables provide a place where they can escape from the medical world and make their own decisions.  They can escape to the worlds in their imaginations, often inspired by the stories they read in books. This year’s art show explores the world of stories. When our art teachers tell patients about the art show, their eyes light up with the idea of their favorite books jumping off the page. We love to hear their enthusiasm sharing about their favorite memorable characters and the many subjects they learn about through reading. The memories from their favorite characters, the worlds of fantasy, and the curiosity that books spark bring an excitement to the lives of our patients and we hope you feel that same joy in their artwork.”   

Kelsey Brown, program coordinator with Arts For Life shares, “Walking into the hospital room of an Arts For Life patient is often like walking into an art gallery. Art is taped to the walls, adorning their  beds, sitting on window sills, or hanging from the IV pole. Art makes a sterile place feel a little more like home during lengthy hospital stays. Patients and their families feel pride when showing artwork to other family members, friends, and hospital staff and they also get to share a part of themselves. Our upcoming Once Upon a Time art show is a wonderful opportunity for the community to get a sneak peek into the creative spirit of the Brenner’s families we serve. It’s not to be missed!”