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M E E T: Jerri

November 16, 2017 | By Annie Rogers


Arts For Life Teaching Volunteer
and Master Art Lesson Prepare-er Extraordinaire

What’s your favorite kind of art to make?

Collage and Block Printing.

 Why do you think art in the hospital is important?

Because it helps an individual relax enough to learn about themselves.

 Who inspires you?

In terms of art and creativity: [Asheville Program Coordinator] Anna [Long]

What is your favorite Arts For Life project that you’ve ever done?

Stained glass. Dr. Seuss Hot Air Balloons. All the mask projects. 

What do you love about Arts For Life?

I love that the people who run the organization love children, love art, and work in a joyful manner.

Has anything funny or amazing ever happened at the art table?

One time I was working on a project with a kid and there was a part of it we couldn’t figure out. After thinking about it for awhile, he looked at me and said “Let’s go ask a grown-up.” So we went to ask his parent.