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M E E T: Jamie and Fred

May 25, 2018 | By Annie Rogers


Jamie, age 17
Arts For Life Artist
Fred, Arts For Life Volunteer

What’s something interesting about you?

Jamie: I’m going to Disney World for a Make-a-Wish Trip!
Fred: I love expressing art with others.

What’s something you’re thankful for right this very moment?

Jamie: FOOD!
Fred: That I can help here in the hospital.

What is your favorite kind of art to make?

Jamie: Painting is my favorite. And animal art.
Fred: Flowers and portraits. My favorite medium is acrylics, because of the bright colors. I love bright colors.
Jamie: I love bright colors too!

Our theme this month is Movement. What’s you’re favorite way to get moving?

Jamie: Dancing!
Fred: My favorite movement is actually the symphony. One instrument moves to another and all the instruments come together. Everyone works together to express their art.

What do you love about Arts For Life?

Jamie: I like to do art when I come to the hospital.
Fred: I love the environment, the atmosphere, and that I can help different age groups. I love to teach kids about art and the value of art. I love when I see other Arts For Life teachers. And I also love that we’re able to bring some relief into this environment. When kids start focusing on art they forget about their pain. I love art!
Jamie: ME TOO!!