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Listen to the Music of Art Amplified

August 7, 2015 | By Rachel Zink

Enjoy “Colors Reaching” by Colin Allured, inspired by 14-year-old Devin‘s artwork, “The Monstrosity.”

Enjoy “Serious/Peaceful/Wistful” by Bill Stevens, inspired by 15-year-old Cindy‘s artwork, “Untitled.”

Enjoy “What My Heart Beats For” by Becca Stevens, inspired by 18-year-old Tiffany‘s artwork of the same name.

Enjoy “Here I Am” by Matt Kendrick, inspired by 9-year-old Karol‘s artwork, “Best Friends Forever.”

Enjoy “Lorelei” by Quique Rodriguez-Pastor, inspired by 4-year-old Lorelei‘s artwork, “Untitled.”

Enjoy “You Make It Look Easy” by Beth McKee, inspired by 2-year-old Watts‘ artwork, “Untitled.”

Enjoy “Polka Dots on Fire” by Katharyn Valier, inspired by 4-year-old Aubrey‘s artwork of the same name.

Enjoy¬† “Sunshine/Night Time” by Jeffrey Dean Foster, inspired by 10-year-old Autumn‘s artworks, “Night Time” and “Sunshine.”

Enjoy “Helianthus” by Damon Carmona, inspired by 17-year-old Caroline‘s artwork, “Sunflowers” and 17-year-old Jonathan’s artwork, “Untitled.”

Enjoy “Victory” by Amos Fisher, inspired by 12-year-old Lizbeth‘s artwork, “Untitled.”

Enjoy “Swirling Eyes of the Moo Cow” by Damon Carmona, inspired by 9-year-old Karol‘s artwork of the same name.

Enjoy “Conversation” by Tyler Nail, inspired by 16-year-old Schyler‘s artwork titled, “School.”

Enjoy “To the Ocean” by Leah Shaw, inspired by 15-year-old Destiny‘s untitled artwork.

Enjoy “Monster, You Shall Fall” by Aaron Bachelder, inspired by 14-year-old Devin‘s artwork titled, “The Trouble.”