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Lesson: Love Monster Puppets

February 11, 2015 | By Rachel Zink

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and a love monster makes a perfect valentine—one that can be enjoyed long after the holiday has passed! This lesson will help you tap into your imagination to create a love-filled, interactive puppet.


  • To create an interactive puppet
  • To practice bringing several parts together to make an imaginary creature


  • A paper bag
  • Various strips of paper for antennae, arms, and/or legs
  • Precut head, ears, eyes, teeth, mouth, and belly: precut or punched circles, hearts, and other shapes
  • Anything else YOUR monster needs


  • Start by gluing down the base layers: head, mouth, teeth, and belly. Be sure to glue the teeth to the inside of the fold of the bag so that they will move with the puppet’s mouth.
  • For the rest of the parts, there is NO wrong way to glue them down! Do you have a one-eyed monster? Heart nose? Ears or horns? Will you use the paper strips to make antennae, arms, or legs? Make your monster your own: Just make sure to add an extra splash of LOVE!
  • You can stop here, or to turn your puppet into a valentine, add a special message to your puppet’s belly or back, or slip a card inside.

Tweak It:

  • To simplify for your young artist(s), pre-glue the base layers (head, mouth, teeth, and belly) so they will only have to add their flair.
  • To simplify more, just have them color the details.

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