Kids at Heart Co-Hosting Info

  • Serving as a Co-Host? Please fill out this form here!
  • Here’s what to do:
    • If you’re hosting a pre-party, decide how you’ll do it. Here are some options:
      • Zoom – free accounts let you host a meeting for up to 40 minutes. (If you start your pre-party at 5:15, then everyone can hop off and join the main event at 5:55!)
      • Google Meet – also free with a Gmail address
      • FaceTime – great for keeping it easy + casual; iPhone users only
      • HouseParty – great for games
    • Invite as many people as you’d like! Here’s a blurb you can tweak/copy/paste:
      Dear friend –
      At Arts For Life, we’re hosting our first virtual fundraiser – Kids at Heart – on the evening of Thursday, September 17 at 6:00PM. It’ll be a special celebration of the playful, creative spirit that helps kids and families through the toughest of times. Arts For Life means a lot to me because… [fill in the blank!]
      I’m attending – will you, too? RSVP here, then gather the whole household to tune in and watch on 9/17. (It’s webinar-style – not like a videochat, but rather like a television program).
      [OPTIONAL]: In addition, I’m hosting a virtual pre-party, in the hour right before the main event – a chance for us to connect virtually face-to-face before we log on at 6:00PM for the 30-minute program. If you’re interested in joining me and a few other folks for a pre-party, let me know and I’ll send more pre-party details soon!
  • Send a reminder a week in advance! and remind everyone to make sure they’re registered for the main event, too.
  • Host your pre-party! Keep an eye on the clock – at 5:55 you’ll want to wrap up and close down. You and your guests will have to
  • Need help setting up your Zoom pre-party?
  • Ideas for your virtual Pre-party:
    • Make it a happy hour!
    • Play a game together: Pictionary would get everyone’s creative juices flowing!
    • Have a craft night: plan a simple hands-on activity and make sure eveyrone has materials to join in.
    • Share stories from your childhood. Send out a prompt in advance to get people thinking, like:
      • Tell us about your favorite creative thing to do as a kid.
      • What was your favorite teacher like?
      • When do you most feel like a kid at heart these days?
  • Questions? Drop us a line at