Volunteer Opportunities

Updated April 2023: New volunteer applications are currently being accepted at all chapters. 

When you volunteer with Arts For Life, you join a dynamic network of creative people across North Carolina making a significant impact on the lives of young patients and their families. 

Our volunteers have a passion for the arts and a love for working with children. The large majority of Arts For Life volunteers teach visual art, which may include (but is certainly not limited to): crafts, drawing, painting, printmaking, origami, paper craft, collage, and sculpture.  Asheville and Winston-Salem chapters also offer placements for creative writing  and music volunteers.

At Arts For Life, we are committed to creating a safe, nurturing, and empowering environment for all participants and volunteers in our programs. People of  all races, ethnicities, ages, disability statuses, medical diagnoses, cultural backgrounds, socioeconomic statuses, immigration statuses, religious beliefs, sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions are welcome. We invite you to join us in our effort to create a fully inclusive workplace where everyone’s identities and skills are appreciated.

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Volunteer FAQs

What is the process for becoming a volunteer?

After applying and interviewing with Arts For Life, volunteers apply and go through an orientation for the hospital where they’ll be volunteering. Included in this process are: a hospital orientation and interview, immunization check and TB testing, background check, hospital training, and other requirements specific to each chapter hospital.

Once hospital volunteer onboarding requirements have been met, volunteers receive training from the Arts For Life team on our programming, lessons, and the site of their placement. Volunteers shadow a seasoned Arts For Life team member first, then co-teach with them, then act as the primary lead before finally progressing to independent teaching. The time it takes from application to solo teaching is typically between one and three months, depending on volunteer availability and the capacity of the chapter and partner hospital. 

Why do you interview volunteer applicants?

We always meet with potential volunteers first to ensure that both our team and the applicant feel confident about pursuing placement. Because of the time commitment of training and the two-way relationship between an organization and a volunteer, it’s important that both parties feel confident in the investment.

Having an informal interview allows us the chance to see how applicants’ skills and passions might fit into the openings in our programming schedule. An interview also provides applicants the opportunity to ask questions and evaluate how Arts For Life would mesh with their lives and other commitments.

What is the time commitment required of volunteers?

 Arts For Life volunteers commit to a once-weekly volunteer shift of three to four hours. We also require a minimum nine-month commitment, in order to provide consistency and dependability for our patients and families, and so you gain the full amazing benefits of being a teaching team member.

Do volunteers prepare their own projects and materials?

Arts For Life provides all materials and resources including a wide variety of projects that can be used as starting points for creativity and learning. We encourage volunteers to follow the imaginations and interests of participants and we welcome volunteers to share their own ideas for projects/lessons.

What ages can volunteer?

Arts For Life volunteers must be at least 18 years of age. 18 year old volunteers cannot be enrolled in high school. 

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If you have any additional questions before applying, please email the staff person for your chapter location.

Asheville: Madeline Geier / madeline@artsforlifenc.org

Charlotte: Olivia Chisholm / olivia@artsforlifenc.org

Winston-Salem: Betsey McLawhorn / betsey@artsforlifenc.org