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Exploring the World: by Train, by Plane, by…Superhero?!

July 27, 2016 | By Annie Rogers


For most of us, summer, with its long sunny days and laid-back schedule, is the time of relaxation, exploration, travel and adventure. For many of the kids and families at our hospital art tables, however, a summertime vacation is not always possible.  That’s why in July and August, we are bringing exploration and adventure to them!

In July, we’ve been focused on making art centered around the ideas of culture, transportation, and architecture. We’re exploring our own cities and towns; we’re drawing and sculpting different kinds of buildings; we’re taking on feats of structural engineering (using craft sticks, of course!)

We’re also talking about how we get places – the modes of transportation we use everyday,JohnnyV_12_Process1_ArtStudio_WS2016 and the ones we wish we could use everyday. In fact, delving into the this second idea was the inspiration for this Lines in Motion lesson, which combines elements of collage, drawing, and painting.

12-year-old Johnny, an Arts For Life Winston-Salem student, always finds a way to adapt a project to his own interests. So when his teacher asked what vehicle he’d like to use as the subject for his Lines in Motion collage, she wasn’t surprised when Johnny enthusiastically said “Ironman!” Together, JohnnyV_12_withIronMan_ArtStudio_WS2016they brainstormed about what Ironman might look like in motion, what colors he might emit, what sort of lines could represent this motion. Johnny worked diligently, as he does on every project, while seeking constant input from his teacher, his mom, and others about the process. “What do you think of this color?” “What do you think it would be like if I drew a line like this?” are questions he asked along the way.  The resulting artwork, as you can see, is unique, engaging, and imaginative – just like Johnny himself!