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Meet Highland & Mia

December 21, 2018 | By Rachel Zink

Highland and Mia don’t know each other, but they sure both know the Arts For Life art table. Highland, who is four, has been visiting the art table at the pediatric oncology clinic since she was diagnosed with Leukemia over two years ago. She is done with treatment now. Mia, who is eight, has been […]

C R E A T E: Lion, Tiger, and Bear Masks (oh my!)

July 27, 2018 | By Annie Rogers

It’s been a WILD month at our art tables. No, really…WILD is July’s theme! What better way to celebrate our wild side, than with these simple animal-inspired masks? Materials Colored, White, or Patterned Cardstock Simple Mask Template Scissors 1″ Hole Punch (or scissors) Glue Stick and Tacky Glue Paper strips: shorter (for manes/hair) and longer […]

M E E T: Garrett

| By Annie Rogers

            Garrett, age 6 Arts For Life Artist What’s something you’ve always dreamed about doing? EVERYTHING. I want to learn everything at school and do everything and work everything. Except the news, because I have to wear makeup on the news. What would your superpower be, if you could have […]

Hosting a Table at Rise & Shine Durham

July 5, 2018 | By Rachel Zink

All About Table Hosting! Thank you for considering hosting a table at our Rise & Shine breakfast on Sunday, September 29. It’s a powerful, fun, and easy way for you to help bring the healing power of the arts to children who need it most: kids and teens in treatment in children’s hospitals and clinics. […]

C R E A T E: Silly Creature Heads

June 21, 2018 | By Annie Rogers

It’s summer time! That means it’s time to let loose, have some fun, and get a little wacky…and these silly creature heads are just what the doctor ordered. Simple enough for even the youngest artists at our tables, with just the right sprinkling of fun materials (googly eyes and sequins, anyone?!,) these are always a […]

M E E T: Tatiana

| By Annie Rogers

Tatiana, age 14 Arts For Life Artist What’s something interesting about you? My favorite color is neon green. I make up songs at night when I’m sleepy. What’s something you’ve always dreamed of doing? Travel. I would go to Paris and sit where I could see the Eiffel Tower when the sun is setting and […]

C R E A T E: Moveable Lizards

May 25, 2018 | By Annie Rogers

It’s the simple things. Sometimes you give a young artist a piece of blank paper, cut into a certain shape, and it’s just enough: enough to inspire imagination, to ignite curiosity, to spark some new way of thinking. At Arts For Life, we do a lot of hands-on research when it comes to writing lessons, […]

M E E T: Jamie and Fred

| By Annie Rogers

Jamie, age 17 Arts For Life Artist and Fred, Arts For Life Volunteer What’s something interesting about you? Jamie: I’m going to Disney World for a Make-a-Wish Trip! Fred: I love expressing art with others. What’s something you’re thankful for right this very moment? Jamie: FOOD! Fred: That I can help here in the hospital. […]

M E E T : Honor

April 24, 2018 | By Annie Rogers

Honor, Age 7 Arts For Life Artist How long have you known about Arts For Life? About one week. Who inspires you to be creative? Me. I just want to. Why do you think art is important? Because it’s beautiful. What’s something you’ve always dreamed of doing? Being an artist. A painter. What would your […]