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One Mission: Better Together

April 4, 2019 | By Rachel Zink

We wanted you to know:

One Mission: Better Together

You know our mission: Arts For Life supports pediatric patients and their families through arts education and engagement.

You know that by providing arts programs, patients’ lives are enriched, their minds and spirits are nurtured, and healthcare experiences become more positive for children and their families. You make that possible through your support.

You know that our goal is to provide comfort through creativity to the young people who need it and to their families – regardless of where they are from.

Regardless of where they are from – that fact is what has brought us to shift our thinking from a focus on four hospitals to thinking about ONE MISSION. It’s about purpose, rather than place.

Wherever we are, we have one mission – to be there for children battling illness and disability, to be there for their families, to give comfort through art, music and creative writing. We find that we are Better Together!

Together means program staff, volunteers, advocates and donors. Staff and volunteer teachers deliver the service. Advocates and donors make the work possible

The work couldn’t continue without you. We are truly better together.

To that end, we added one staff position, a Director of Development, to coordinate our efforts in securing needed resources and in sharing our appreciation for the part each team member plays.

That person is Lari Powell Hatley. Lari has decades of experience working with nonprofits, serving at various times as a Director of Communications, Director of Admissions, Director of Alumni Relations, Director of Development, and as a consultant with nonprofits across the country.

Lari’s excited about meeting you! If she calls you on the phone, listen for her dogs. They’re excited, too!

Reach out to Lari anytime: