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Exploring the World: by Train, by Plane, by…Superhero?!

July 27, 2016 | By Annie Rogers

For most of us, summer, with its long sunny days and laid-back schedule, is the time of relaxation, exploration, travel and adventure. For many of the kids and families at our hospital art tables, however, a summertime vacation is not always possible.  That’s why in July and August, we are bringing exploration and adventure to […]

Brothers Angel, Edwin, and Diego all love the art table

Creating Art is a Family Affair

| By Annie Rogers

One day not very long ago, I was teaching at the art table in the Zeis Pediatric Hematology/Oncology clinic at Mission Hospital, and a family came in for their son’s yearly off-treatment follow-up appointment. I had known this family for a long time, and had really gotten to know them during the three years Ryan […]

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Rise & SHINE! in Charlotte

July 22, 2016 | By Rachel Zink

Save your seat and RSVP today! Save your seat and RSVP today! Can’t make it on October 13 but still want to help bring creativity, color, and joy to kids at Levine Children’s Hospital? Make a gift online today. More info for prospective sponsors here. Interested in hosting a table? More info here.

Hitting the Jackpot with Leo the Color Man

June 29, 2016 | By Annie Rogers

When a well-known, innovative, inspiring, colorful, and charismatic, professional artist and illustrator seeks you out with an offer to lead a workshop with Arts For Life patients and families, it’s like opening your door to a person standing on your stoop with one of those giant checks and a fistful of balloons. It’s winning the […]

Enriching Community, Celebrating Local Artists

| By Annie Rogers

What do you think of when you hear the word community? Maybe you think of your friends or family, your colleagues or teammates. You might think of your school, your church, or your neighborhood. If you’re a patient or family member going through treatment for a serious illness or disability though, chances are, you think […]


Lesson: Kaitcetera Paper Quilts

| By Annie Rogers

  [all photos courtesy of Kait Neely via] Kait Neely is a Winston-Salem-based artist known for her colorful, imaginative quilts. You can see more examples of her beautiful work on her website. Mimicking quilt patterns with paper scraps is a great way to encourage creativity while also developing math skills! As you place you […]

House Collograph by Brooklin, age 9

Lesson: Colorful House Collograph Prints

May 27, 2016 | By Annie Rogers

With our December theme, Gifts, Giving, and Holiday Celebrations, and lessons like this one, our Arts For Life teachers are helping kids and families celebrate the generosity, hope, and joy they see around them in the hospital, and spread it through their wider communities.

CONNECTing in May: Creating a Sense of Place

| By Rachel Zink

Home sweet home. Home is where the heart is. There’s no place like home. There is a reason we reflect so readily on the idea of home. Home represents security, comfort, love, and safety. Home is the place where family gathers, where good  times are shared, where important decisions are made. For many of our […]